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Programmer Friendly

The top reasons why Fakoli is Programmer Friendly:

1. It reduces the amount of boilerplate code (what we like to call "the boring crap") and lets you focus on the really fun coding problems.

2. It supports best practices natively, by making it easy for you to do the right thing in your code and rewarding you for it.

3. BUT we also don't stop you from breaking the rules, if that is what you really need to do. We understand that for every rule, there is at least one totally valid exception that no one can anticipate in advance.

4. We tried to make the code clean, well-formatted, consistent and obvious. "It is what it is" is a core motto for us because we know developers like to dive in and play and figure it out, and only read the manual when all else fails. We know that little things like formatting the code, clear and consistent naming conventions, and developer tools in eclipse make life that much easier.

5. Following the "It is what it is" principle, files are in their native format as far as possible. Schemas are in SQL, data mappings are in PHP, not some XML configuration.

6. When you are coding a page in Fakoli, you don't have to derive a controller class. A page is just a script, within the pages subfolder of a component. It provides the controller and can make use of the data model and is rendered through a template that provides the view. In this fashion, you follow the principles of, and reap the benefits of, Model-View Controller architecture, without some of the pain that can accompany more traditional implementations.

7.  We make the parts of your application that need to change easy to change. We operate in an agile environment with a high level of user interface testing, so we integrated in many options to easily and quickly make UI changes (such as labels on forms, table column layout) without a lot of rework. We made it so easy, we find that junior programmers or the project managers can handle page UI changes, leaving the senior programmers to do more challenging tasks.