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Fakoli Core Components

Fakoli Core Components: Release 3.3 (August 2013)

Fakoli offers the following core components:

Component NameDescription of Functionality
admin Support component for the CMS Administration section
attachment Generic attachment handling for Fakoli components
component Component management for Fakoli/CMS
context_help Context Help system for providing inline help in Fakoli forms
field_renderers Custom Field Renderers used by Fakoli/CMS components
login Standard login component for Fakoli/CMS
module Module management for Fakoli/CMS
optimize CSS and Script optimization component for Fakoli/CMS.<br/>Use this on production systems where CSS/Script files do not change very often.
page Page management for Fakoli/CMS
role Role management for Fakoli/CMS
section Section management for Fakoli/CMS
settings Application settings management for Fakoli/CMS
site Basic site definition for Fakoli/CMS
site_map Maps the site hierarchy of pages
social_media Social Media integration for Fakoli/CMS
template Template and CSS administration screens for Fakoli/CMS
article Article management for Fakoli/CMS
error_log Error logging and improved error display management for Fakoli/CMS
forum Discussion forums for Fakoli/CMS
menu Menu management for Fakoli/CMS
mobile_settings Detects mobile browsers and implements mobile browser content-selection rules.
phonegap Support for PhoneGap mobile applications
blog Basic blog functionality for Fakoli/CMS
debug Trace statements and test harnesses
document Document management for Fakoli/CMS
fileshare Management of collaboration file sharing of document libraries
online_help Online help framework for Fakoli Applications
text_lookup Text data repository and lookup with multilanguage support.
color_picker Color picker control and field renderer for Fakoli/CMS
email Email management for Fakoli/CMS
image Image management for Fakoli/CMS
questionnaire Create custom questionnaires, surveys, quizzes, etc.
calendar Basic Calendar display and handling for Fakoli/CMS components
dashboard Simple dashboard layout.
panel_layout User-configurable panel layout functionality for Fakoli/CMS
auto_login Automatic login via pre-shared tokens. Useful for authenticating scheduled tasks, etc.
image_picker Image picker functionality for Fakoli/CMS RTE integration
link_picker Link picker functionality for Fakoli/CMS RTE integration
report_manager General purpose manager for configurable reporting screens
survey This component is creates custom questionnaires and allows token-based or anonymous responses.
activity_tracker User tracking and feedback module
captcha Manages integration with Captcha services that attempt to reduce spam.
comment Commenting functionality for Fakoli/CMS
data_sync Generic Data Import Framework
link_library A simple collection of links
pdf PDF Generation via wkhtmltopdf
process Provides support for spawning background process and retrieving information about their progress.
search Unified search management for Fakoli/CMS
session_extender (null)
svg_charts Implements charts and graphs using Raphael.js
taxonomy Taxonomy management
terms_and_conditions Terms and Conditions display and approval control
video Support for videos, video galleries and video blogs.
bookmark Simple internal bookmarking feature allowing users to bookmark pages
session_persistance Database persistence for PHP sessions. Useful for high-availability topologies.
slideshow Zoomable slideshow component for uploaded images