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Fakoli Framework and Web Skeleton

To download the most recent builds as ZIP or tgz, visit our project page on SourceForge: http://sourceforge.net/projects/fakoli/files/.

You can also check out the Fakoli framework directly from public SVN on Sourceforge. The latest build is always available at:


Each point release is marked in SVN with a separate tag, and you can check out from these tags using URLs like:


(which would check out release 3.9.4). This is the recommended method for deploying Fakoli to production servers, as it allows testing on a development server against newer Fakoli releases, then using svn switch to update the production server to a newer tagged release once testing has been completed.

Fakoli Assistant for Eclipse

The Fakoli Assistant for Eclipse provides a simple wizard interface for creating Fakoli components, including the directory structure and manifest files. Please note that this software is in early development.

To install the Fakoli Assistant in Eclipse:

  1. Click on Help | Install New Software...
  2. Click the Available Software Sites link
  3. Click on Add
  4. In the dialog box, fill in the name as Fakoli Assistant and the location as http://www.fakoli.org/eclipse/fakoli_assistant/
  5. . Click OK.
  6. Select Fakoli Assistant from the Work with dropdown, check the Fakoli Assistant for Eclipse box, then continue through the installation process.