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Component Reuse

Fakoli was designed to allow for a great deal of customization combined with its many "off the shelf" features. The approach Fakoli takes is to group features into components which then can be used as is, extended, or replaced in case of customization.

Definition of a Component
A component is a set of features and functionality, grouped in a folder. Key elements in a component are the data model, admin and user pages, action handlers, JavaScript/CSS or image assets, and the component management classes, which manages version control and database schema updates. Most components are designed to be dropped in and out of an application based on need. Components however, can call and interact with other components in the application.

Integrating Custom Components
We know you want an integrated application and your users and development team do not care whether a component came with the system or was built by you. For this reason, Fakoli allows you to easily integrate the component navigation into the core administration template.

Integrating third-party applications through components
Integrating third-party applications through components is very straightforward: you create a new Fakoli component to manage the integration. Fakoli also comes with integration of the following third-party application tools: