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Hello, TinyMCE 4!

So about 7 years ago, when I started Sonjara one of the first pieces of code that I wrote was an HTML rich text editor control. Originally it was just an object-oriented rewrite of Kevin Roth's Cross Browser Editor, with a framework for custom toolbars that I needed for a CMS project I was working on (not Fakoli, something custom in .NET). Over time it was incorporated into the framework that became Fakoli, then Moo-ified to fit in with the MooTools-based approach we had subsequently taken with the other Fakoli client-side code. It has always been a pain to support (for whatever reason, the designMode interfaces of all the major browsers never seem to get any love).

Anyway, as I was scouring through Jira the other day I realised I could make a whole raft of bugs just go away if I could find a good replacement for our aging RTE. As serendipity would have it, one of the first that I stumbled across was TinyMCE 4, which had just been release back in June. The new UI is sleek, the API is powerful, and best of all I don't have to keep it compatible with 10 or more major browsers.

Kudos to the TinyMCE developers. This was one of the easiest integrations of a Javascript control that I have done in recent years. The initial work (getting it up and running) probably took about 15 minutes. Getting it packaged and skinned so that it has the right look for Fakoli's purpose took maybe four hours (and most of that is because I'm not a pixel-pusher so the icons took a while). The result was definitely worth it - a slick, fully integrated editing experience that works well across all the browsers I have to support.

How do I switch?

Upgrade your Fakoli core to Fakoli 3.4.1 and it will be there waiting for you.

Can I use custom toolbar buttons?

Not yet - coming with Fakoli 3.4.2. The integration should be even simpler than it was with the old RTE, and certainly better documented.

Do the Fakoli Image, Link, Document and Video Pickers work?

Yup, they do. Plus TinyMCE has a very nice table editor, search and replace, better support for character code input, a nice editable code view and a handy display to show you block boundaries in the HTML you are editing.

What if I prefer the old RTE?

Nope... pretty sure I just imagined that.

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