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Mighty Morphin' Mobile Edition

New stuffs, peeps!

SVG Charts - Morphing Histograms

Histograms now have a 'morphing' mode, that enables multiple data sets to be displayed on the same histogram, with navigation added to move between data sets. Data sets morph smoothly between the values as they change, for increased data sexiness (which as any statistician can tell you is IMPORTANT when you are staring at numbers all day).

Expanding List Control

This is a new framework control that can be used anywhere, but is particularly useful for mobile sites. The control takes a list of DataItems and outputs a list of header/detail pairs that can be clicked on to expand and contract (see the attached screenshot).

Expanding List Example

The control is easy to use. Here's the example from the Griot Mobile expense page:

$list = new ExpandingList($expenses, "expenses",
                          "{description:15} {ExpenseTableManager::formatStatusShort}", 
                          "<label>Date Incurred: </label>{date_incurred}&nbsp;&nbsp;

$list->emptyMessage = "There are no matching expenses.";

$script .= $list->writeScript();

As you can see, you just give it two formats - one for the headers, one for the detail blocks.

Bug Fixes and Minor Tweaks

  • Android Tablets are now detected correctly and the "Show full content on tablets" setting is honored.
  • Text fields and select fields can now have a width specified via the renderer
  • Dialog boxes now resize to fit if they are wider than the browser window. This is especially useful when using common dialog boxes on mobile displays.

There was probably more... I was busy over the weekend.

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