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Enhancements for supporting mobile users

So finally we have some reliable mobile browser detection code in place. I have added a new component called mobile_settings that controls how content is served up when a mobile browser is detected. The
behavior is controlled by application settings, so you can configure it up specifically to suit each site.

There are three modes of operations:

Deliver Full Content

Just sends the full website to the mobile browser. This is the default.

Use Mobile Template

This can be used when you want your whole site content to be available to mobile browsers, but to have a different look and feel optimized for a small touch screen. When you select this mode, the template that is set as the Mobile Template under the Site definition will be used instead of the templates specified on the Section or Content.

Dedicated Mobile Section

This mode can be used when you want to offer a distinct set of site functionality to mobile users - for instance cut down search or data entry capabilities, or specific mobility-enhanced pages. With this mode, you specify the section that is dedicated to mobile users and then when a mobile browser is detected they will be automatically directed to this section.

There is also a flag indicating whether tablet computers should be regarded as mobile devices for the purpose of content delivery.

Finally, it is sometimes useful to provide a link from the mobile view to the full view and back again. This can be achieved by using the following action handler:


This overrides the detection code with a session variable, enabling the user to change their display.

Hopefully this will cover most of the use-cases we are starting to come across with mobile-enabling Fakoli sites.

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