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Enabling and tracking user feedback

The Fakoli feedback feature makes it easy for you to collect feedback from users through an expand/collapse style form that sits at the bottom of the page. Some people enable feedback mainly during periods of heavy development and testing, while others choose to keep it on all the time. When a user leaves feedback, her comment is saved in the database along with the date & timestamp and her session ID. If the user is logged in, the username is also saved.

Follow these three easy steps to enable user feedback on your Fakoli site.

Step 1 - Add a feedback position in your page template

Add { position:feedback } somewhere in your page template. This position must be added to every template that is used on a page where you wish to gather feedback. 

Step 2 - Configure a feedback module

The code for this module is already written, so all you have to do is configure it with a name and a global position.

In Fakoli Admin, navigate to Site Content > Module.

Click the "Add a Code Module" button. Choose the /modules/feedback.inc file path under Activity Tracker Modules, enter "feedback" as the position, and check the "Global" checkbox to indicate that this module should appear globally wherever the "feedback" position exists in the page template.

Save the module.

Step 3 - Enable feedback collection

In Fakoli Admin, navigate to Site Configuration > Application Settings > Activity Tracker.

Check the "Enable Feedback" checkbox and save your changes.

Now sit back and watch the user feedback roll in. You will find the feedback entries in Fakoli Admin under User Management > Feedback.

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