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Content Items: Overview

Fakoli comes with some core content items that you can use to put together your site.

Each content item has an identifier that you can use to link to.

There are three steps in adding a content item to your site:

  1. Create a new content item
  2. Add the content item to the section of your site
  3. Add links to the content item
    • through a menu link
    • as a link in a content item

These content items are:


Pages are simple CMS pages that contain content. Managing Pages

Component Pages

Component Pages are those created in components, such as the following. List of sample component pages

Discussion Forums

You can create multiple discussion forums, which collect posts around topics. You can control who can create, post, and edit posts, forums and topics.

Document Libraries

Document libraries allow you to create folders for documents such as PDFs, MSWord, MS PPT, and MS XLS. You can control read/write/delete access by role per library. Managing Documents

Blogs (Articles)

A blog is a collection of articles pulled together and formatted. An article is different from a page in that an article is intended to be a modular piece of content while pages are intended to be more static. Managing Blogs and Managing Articles

Image Galleries

Similarly to Document libraries, Fakoli allows you to create multiple galleries for your images and control read/write/delete access by role. These image galleries can be turned into slideshows. Managing Images


In Fakoli, you can create multiple calendars with unique identifiers. You can control read/write/delete access by role per calendar.

Video Galleries

Similarly to Document libraries and Image Galleries, Fakoli allows you to create galleries for your videos and control read/write/delete access by role. 


Fakoli has a built in survey tool to allow you to create custom questionnaires, clone questionnaires, send it out to an existing list of emails or send out an link allowing for anonymous responses.

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